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Demineralized Water

Demineralized Water

Demineralized water can be used for industrial systems and other various applications. It is also primarily used to mix with Glycol, in order to create a diluted product, that is ready for use. More information can be found below.
Demineralized Water

What exactly is Demineralized Water?

Demineralized water is one of the most pure forms of water. Due to a deionization process, the water is completely free (or almost) of dissolved minerals such as:

  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Chloride / Sulfate demineralized water has a conductivity of 0,05 - 0,40 μS/cm

Applications of Demineralized Water

Demineralized water can be used for many techncal applications, such as battery packs, cleaning of solar panels, heating- and cooling systems etc. We primarily use it for mixing with both Ethylene- and Propylene Glycols. By mixing the product, the glycol becomes diluted. By diluting the glycol, you can create a ready-to-go mixture, which has the right frost protection for your refrigeration system.

Demineralized or Distilled Water?

People often confuse both types of water, but they are very different. Demineralized water is mostly used for technical, industrial applications, such as mixing with glycol. Distilled water is considered as ''ultra-pure water''. It is highly-treated of high resistivity and no organics; usually used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

With glycol products you do not need distilled water, demineralized water is sufficient!