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Mobile Glycol-Filter and Disinfection System
Mobile Glycol-Filter and Disinfection System
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Mobile Glycol-Filter and Disinfection System

Article number: GLYCOL-FILTER-MIETE-1T

A Glycol-Water mix has the risk of bacteria growing in it over time. You can remove these bacteria by using a special mobile glycol-filter and disinfection system. Now available for rental.

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Plus-and minus points
Filter Capacity up to 100 Mu (μ)
Easy connection via a Bypass
Available for Rental Projects
Quickly clean and disinfect your system

Mobile Glycol Filter and Disinfection System

A glycol-water mixture has the property, that over time bacteriological growth can occur. In many cases this can hardly be prevented. However, the solution is quite simple, you can kill these bacteria by using the special mobile glycol filter and disinfection system.

Filter Capacity and Coupling

The system has a filter capacity of up to 100 Mu (μ). This means that almost all particles and bacteria are captured and filtered by the filter system. This system is connected to your system by means of a bypass. Then you let it run in the process, within a certain period of time your system will be (free) of bacteria and/or other particles. 

How long it takes for the entire installation to be filtered depends on the size of the installation. The pumping capacity of this unit is approximately 1000 litres/hour. Furthermore, it is necessary to change the filters (daily).

To connect the glycol filter you need 3/4'' inner or outer threading, so you can connect everything. The system is easily shipped in a protective transport pallet. Also, a sturdy box with extra couplings is included, should this be necessary.

Specifications Glycol-Filter and Disinfection System:

  • Filter capacity up to 100 Mu (μ)
  • Pumpflow 1000 Liter/hour.
  • Easily connected to the system via a Bypass.
  • 220 Volt - 50 Hz.
  • 3/4'' internal and/or external thread required.
  • System is delivered including 2 x 5 meter hose.
  • System can only be rented per day, week or month.
  • Additional filter cartridges cost € 18,50 per piece.
  • Additional couplings supplied in a protective transport case.
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