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Demi / Osmosis water - A quality Can 10L
Demi / Osmosis water - A quality Can 10L
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Demi / Osmosis water - A quality Can 10L

Article number: DI-5036-10-DE
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You use demineralized water (demi or Osmosis water) if limescale and corrosion must be prevented. For example in heating, cooling or freezing installations, batteries, irons, humidifiers, etc.

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What is demineralized water?

With demineralized water (or shorter: demi or Osmosis water) all salts that you find in normal tap water have been removed. The number of dissolved ions in tap water can vary greatly. The amount of metal ions is also expressed in the degree of hardness. Tap water generally cannot be used in laboratories or technical installations.


What is the difference between distilled and demineralized water?

Distilled water is obtained by boiling the water and collecting the condensate. This is an intensive process. The result contains only water without additives. Demineralized water is filtered, removing lime and minerals. Demi water is sufficient for most applications. For medical purposes, we recommend using distilled water. You can get this water at the pharmacy.

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