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Propylene Glycol Food-Safe 100% - IBC 1000L
Propylene Glycol Food-Safe 100% - IBC 1000L
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Propylene Glycol Food-Safe 100% - IBC 1000L

Article number: DI-5006-IBC-1000L-PLUS-DE
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Ready to use Food-Safe Propylene Glycol in IBC container. This propylene glycol is usable as a glycol heat transfer medium or antifreeze. To be self mixed with demineralized water. Suitable for use and incidental contact with nutrients.

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Plus-and minus points
IBC is included in the price
Ready to use propylene glycol
Can be used as heat- and cold transfer medium.
A-Quality (own production)
Delivery time 3-5 working days
Different colours and dilutions available
Protects against rust and lime scale deposits
Can be used in the food and beverage industry
A little bit more expensive than ethylene glycol

Product description:

Food-Safe Propylene Glycol (100%). Can be used immediately as heat transfer medium or antifreeze, can be mixed with demineralized water. Including IBC! (Always colorless = transparent)

Special propylene glycol, also known as Axti Temp P+, for cooling and heating systems. Axti Temp P+ is a multifunctional refrigerant based on USP/EP monopropylene glycol and contains only FDA approved additives. Axti Temp P+ has been registered by NSF International for use as a refrigerant in applications where occasional contact with nutrients is possible.

Axti Temp P Propylene Glycol protects the inner walls of pipes against corrosion and limescale, even in aluminium pipes. It is practically odorless, slightly sticky, easy to mix with de-mineralized water and non-volatile.


  • Is suitable for the food industry (even with occasional contact with nutrients!)
  • Protects systems from frost
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Contains rust inhibitor
  • Protects pipes against corrosion and lime scale
  • Easy to mix with demineralized water!


You can use glycol for various applications, for example:

  • Heat transfer systems
  • Coolant and antifreeze
  • De-icing products for roads, airplanes, etc
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